Love knows no reason, no bounds and no age. Like this elderly couple from Kerala who fell in love in their 60s and tied the knot recently.

The human heart, at whatever age, opens to the heart that opens in return.  

At 65, Lakshmi Ammal would have never thought that she would fall in love again. But she did.

After losing her husband, Lakshmi took shelter in a government-run old age home. She met 67-year-old Kochaniyan Menon there, and the two soon became friends. After some time, they decided to get married and shared their intention with everyone around. 


The residents of the old-age home organised a beautiful wedding for the couple with all the traditional ceremonies like mehandi and sangeet.

Videos and pictures of their wedding soon went viral on Twitter.

People fell in love with the beautiful story of this couple and showered them with blessings.

Stories like these restore our faith in love.