Indian marathon runner OP Jaisha, revealed that she wasn’t even offered water at country-specific refreshment points during the marathon race at Rio Olympics, which might have led to her collapsing at the end of the race. 

In a marathon race, officials are designated at refreshment points at every 2.5 km to provide the athlete with water and other energy refreshments. While athletes from other countries were treated with glucose and honey after every 2.5 km, Indian officials were present only after 8-km intervals, making it gruelling for Jaisha to complete the 30 km mark in the extreme heat. 

Social media was quick to react and condemned the alleged insensitive treatment of the athlete.

Eminent sports commentator Harsha Bhogle also expressed his disappointment on Twitter

Many others were furious to know that the marathon runner was treated with such apathy. 

Some even appealed to the PM and other officials demanding reforms in the system.

(Feature image source: Twitter)