People on Twitter can be overwhelmingly mean at times; but there are some instances that make up for most of it. Like the one I am going to talk about in this article. 

Mevan Babakar – a 29-year-old who lived as a refugee near Zwolle in the Netherlands when she was a child – posted a picture of a person who was kind to her family and asked Twitter to help her reunite with him.

And Twitter did not disappoint. 

Thousands of shares and retweets later, the man named Egbert was found, and he was close enough for Mevan to meet him in person.

Tracing back their story, the ‘kind gesture’ in discussion here was Egbert getting a bicycle for the then 5-year-old Mevan, whose family had fled from Iraq during the Gulf War. It was her birthday.

Egbert was an employee at the refugee camp and helped many refugees with their acts of kindness. This is something that Mevan found out after her tweet went viral and people reached out to her, vouching for the couple’s generosity. 

Mevan is currently on a sabbatical from her fact-checking job in London and is trying to trace the roots of her family. As for Egbert, he is very keen on meeting Mevan’s family as well. He says that if there were just two people he could meet from the camp, it would be Mevan and her mother. 

This story fills our hearts with so much joy. The world is not that bad a place, after all.