Baba Ramdev is at it again. This time he is facing the brunt for questioning the efficacy of allopathy medicines. He is also facing flak for saying lakhs have died from taking allopathic medicines for Covid-19, in a viral video

With regards to that, now an Aaj Tak interview is going viral where Dr Jayesh M Lele, a member of the IMA, questioned Baba Ramdev for his controversial statements. Dr Lele also asked Ramdev to stop advertising Coronil as a cure for Covid without any scientific proof. 

Dr Lele warned Ramdev against speaking ill about allopathy medicines without any concrete proof. He also told Ramdev that his statement against allopathy medicines has become the talk of the town and people are making fun of it. 

He also went onto question Baba Ramdev’s credentials and qualification with regards to allopathy medicines. He said:

Aap allopathy ke baare mein kya jante hai? Aapne allopathy pe kya padhai kiya hai? Don’t talk nonsense. 

As far as Baba Ramdev’s bizarre statements are concerned, people on social media are as stunned as we all are. 

As you can see in some tweets mentioned above, people also called out Aaj Tak for letting Baba Ramdev advertise Coronil on their show. 

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