Tu janta nahin hai mera baap kaun hai’! If you aren’t living under a rock, you must be aware of this phrase which is quite famous in Delhi and its adjacent areas. Majority of us have used it at least once in our lifetime. Gaadi par bas halka sa scratch aa jaaye and you know how you have to threaten the other party without actually using your hands.

A recent example of this boasting culture has caught our attention on Twitter. However, this time, the fight was not on the streets but in the sky. I mean, flight.

A screenshot of the video.

A Twitter user, @_CJSW, posted a video of the incident that took place in an Indigo flight. In the clip originally shared by beingaviators on Instagram, a man can be seen raising his voice against a co-passenger as he stands near his seat inside the flight. The co-passenger points fingers at him. Main bol raha hoon na, nobody speaks when I speak. You don’t talk to me like this,” he says.

Meanwhile, other passengers request him to sit down. The man then shifts to them and says, “You don’t know who I am.”

“The streets have taken to the skies,” the text on the video thumbnail reads.

Watch the clip here:

Let’s check out how desi Twitter is reacting to it:

While some Twitter users are referring to him as a ‘Delhi dude’, a few of them say otherwise.


Here’s the original clip:


What do you think of this video?