The world’s most popular micro-blogging website Twitter is soon going to do away with its 140 characters cap limit. Users will now be able to compose longer tweets as reported by technology website Re/code.

The move comes after its CEO Jack Dorsey hinted about expanding the word limit in his tweet:

It has been said that the move is an attempt to widen its user base after there were reports of slow pace of growth since 2013. There have also been talks of making it on par with Facebook which does not have any limit on the length of the posts. However, its 140-character limit from its direct messages has been removed already. There are also plans to let users buy goods and make political donations through tweets.

Sources close to the matter, reveal that they may be all set to expand the tweet’s 140-Character Limit to 10000.

b’The Twitter logo is shown at its corporate headquarters in San Francisco, California | Source: Reuters’

“People have been very precious at Twitter about what Twitter can be and how much it can be evolved. Having Jack come in and say it’s okay makes all the difference in the world,” said a senior employee as reported by Re/code. However, the complete clarity on this move is yet to be ascertained.

(With inputs from Reuters)

(Feature image source: Reuters)