Recently, Mumbai witnessed one of its longest-ever powercuts in nearly two decades, as major parts of Mumbai came to a standstill. 

Though electricity was restored after a few hours, there continued to be issues of a power cut, because of a major breakdown in the power grid in Khandala Ghat.

And now, videos of MSEB employees working to restore the channel have surfaced online, and the videos go to show, how difficult and dangerous a task it is. 

Dayanand Kamble, the Directorate General of Information & Public Relations, shared on Twitter that as many as 100 staff and engineers worked to restore the affected power grid, despite the on-going fog and rains. 

As the videos went viral on social media, people took to Twitter to appreciate the employees for their hard work and courage, while also asking for better arrangements, so that the employees don't end up risking their lives: 

What a commendable job!