Americans are out on the streets protesting the killing of George Floyd. People from across the world have expressed their outrage and rightly so. 

Time/ Yasin Ozturk—Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Many states in the US witnessed riots condemning the same. While Trump threatened to use military forces against protestors. 

Recently, when a reporter asked Justin Trudeau about the whole situation, he took a long pause. A pause that lasted 20 seconds! 

And, gave a reply that not only addressed the situation in the US but racism in Canada as well. 

To answer the reporter’s question, Justin shared his thoughts about what’s happening in the US. 

ABC News

He spoke about how discrimination is a harsh reality for black and racialised Canadians. 

ABC News

He urges people to listen, learn and work hard to fix this deeply rooted problem. 

ABC News

While there were a few who were all praises for what he had to say,

There were also many who criticised him for tiptoeing around the problem and not actually addressing it. 

Well, whatever the case, we as humans, need to be better!