From fairness creams to cold drinks, insensitive ads by big corporations are always around us. The thing is, nowadays the internet lets them know that they’re wrong, and can bring about a change. Just yesterday, another company put out a callous ad that riled people up.

Kent RO put this up some time ago, and it immediately attracted outrage online due to its insensitive and tone-deaf nature. 

The ad, for an atta-making machine, implies that a maid’s hands might be infected. They immediately got called out, and took down the post.

However, by that point, many people had taken screenshots of the insensitive ad, and they were angry at just how inconsiderate a big corporation could be.

The ad was seen as being in extremely bad taste, and has been deemed classist and highly tone deaf. Many started demanding an apology from Kent, which came today. 

Further updates to the story are awaited.