At this point, you must have already seen the old Ambuja cement ad being used on Twitter as a part of Aam Aadmi Party’s re-election campaign. 

India TV

But in case you haven’t here it is. 

This is quite funny and hence, has become quite popular online!

Now, in response to this, both Congress and BJP came up with their own versions!

This is what Congress did. 

And BJP, well, did what BJP does i.e, the ‘nationalist’ way. 

But it appears that AAP’s meme game is far stronger than anyone had expected. 

And for the BJP, who hasn’t announced a CM candidate yet and plans to fight the elections using the Prime Minister’s face, AAP had this to comment. 

And this: 

Now look, I’m not saying that this is funny, Twitter is. See for yourself. 

And AAP has stopped here either. 

The Kejriwal-led party has even called out the two rivals for taking the cement idea from them. 

I really don’t want to be biased here and I’ve no idea who will win the next elections in Delhi, but right now, AAP is miles ahead with its meme game.