Authoritarian governments are on a rise in the world. And while we all somewhat remember the worse possible outcome such governance (1930s Germany), not many of us know or understand how things went from being where they were to the killing of 6 million jews. 

Well, Brynn Tannehill, a former Naval Aviator and Trans activist, who has been studying the conditions leading up to genocides, has put up a Twitter thread explaining the subject. 

Tannehill talks about politicians acting as populists benefiting from stirring a ‘Us Vs Them’ narrative, placing the blame for the hardships of the population on those they deem less worthy. She says that these politicians also ‘yearn for a mythological past w/o these people’. 

Then it comes down to shutting down the sympathetic voices by labelling them as supporters of these ‘horrible people’, and then it is followed by modifying the courts to ensure that none of their actions are being stopped. 

This is followed by the revoking of civil rights and establishing that the target population has fewer rights, makes them second class citizens.

This is done to keep the said group out of educational systems and to deny them healthcare and sometimes making them carry IDs identifying them as the ‘others’. 

And this is where the genocide actually begins!

Now, once the government decides that nobody is coming to intervene, it then commences on the plans about getting rid of the target population. 

You can read the entire thread here

Read this and more. Understand the state of the world, its painful and atrocious history. And then maybe, take a look around.