In India, lakhs of aspirants prepare for UPSC Civil Services Exam every year. They put in everything into the preparation and it’s justified also when you are aspiring to clear the toughest exam in the country.

Some quit their stable well-paying jobs while others start dreaming of being a Civil Services officer right from the college days. Some get through, others don’t.


Stories of those who don’t, deserve to be told too and trust me, they are equally full of inspiration and positive vibes.


Recently, a Twitter user Shruti Pandey, shared her journey of NOT CLEARING the exam and how it was a source of learning for her. 

She dropped out of college to prepare for the exam (many do that). It’s an excitement of altogether another level when you think you can achieve your dream, at times the only dream you’ve ever had.

Failing and starting again is a part and parcel of UPSC preparation unless you clear it in the first attempt.

As someone who has been in the preparation for 4 years, believe me when I say that it’s a never-ending cycle. You just don’t want to give up.

But UPSC is more than this. It’s a learning. Shruti also talked about this in her Twitter thread. The entire phase of UPSC preparation gives you a perspective of life. You get to know yourself better.

It’s difficult to move on but not impossible. Shruti also took a break, chose data science as her career field and is proud of being an UPSC aspirant.

In one of her tweets, she even mentioned a community, that supports aspirants explore life beyond UPSC.

No matter who you are or how many years you’ve put in, remember that failing in any of the UPSC exam stages is not losing. I still believe that it was the best thing to have happened to me.

Friends and family will tell you to give that one more attempt, try one last time. Do it only if you really want to. Do it only if you do not feel exhausted after 4-5 years.

Otherwise, be proud of preparing for the toughest exam we have in India and cherish the lessons UPSC preparation taught you. There’s a life beyond UPSC and you will do good.