Amidst growing violence and unrest in the capital, people have been largely divided into two categories. One favouring the government’s stand on the citizenship act and the other group taking to streets asking for the act to be rolled back. 

While both sets are entitled to opinions, a Twitter user’s tweet about firing two Muslim employees for their anti-CAA stance is going viral.

The user, Barkha Trehan, who calls herself an activist (according to her bio) proudly boasted about her step to remove the two employees because they posted anti-CAA content on WhatsApp. 

Soon Twitter was on her case for her extreme views: 

In response to the Twitter reactions, she tweeted once again. 

But netizens continued to stand tall against her malicious intent.

While people called her out for having no real evidence to back her story, they condemned the idea behind the tweet, which is tearing into our country’s communal fabric.