Humanity and stories of kindness have kept us positive during these dark times. One such story, which has come as a ray of sunshine, is that of an Uber driver who took a Twitter user’s ailing mother to the hospital. 

Rituparna Chatterjee took to Twitter to share her story, where she had been rejected by several Uber drivers, until she found one who had a heart of gold. 

But this Uber driver did not give up on them and instead volunteered to take them to a hospital. 

He went out of his way to show love and kindness to strangers in need, and his story is leaving us teary-eyed. 

Rituparna also contacted Uber for the same and asked them to thank the Uber driver, Udit Agarwal who helped her in her time of need. Uber responded saying that it made their day to know that Udit was such a compassionate employee. 

On one hand, Twitter collectively joined hands to donate and help Udit Agarwal and on the other, his family came forward to share how proud they were of him. 

These stories of kindness and empathy are what keeps us going during these tough times.