Whether it's mansplaining, or straight up interrupting women when they speak, most men seem to be incapable of letting women voice their opinions. 

US Vice-President Mike Pence proved this when he tried interrupting vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris during the 2020 election debate. 

US VP Debate 2020
Source: Express

However, Kamala Harris swiftly and immediately shut down his interruption by holding up her hand and firmly stating, "Mr. Vice President, I'm speaking! I'm speaking." 

Kamala Harris
Source: YouTube

Two simple words, but which resonated with women across the globe, because honestly, this isn't the time for women to let such interruptions 'fly' (pun intended): 

No one has to 'give' women a voice because women have always had a voice - just not been allowed to use it. But it's 2020, and Harris is a perfect example of how women aren't going to let people take away their 'voice' anymore.