Ahh! Under the scorching summer heat, move exhausted bodies and drained souls. The summer has pounced heavily upon us. Do you remember that Glucon-D advertisement with the dementor-like sun sipping energy out of kids’ heads? Well, that has very much resonated with Twitteratis out there. A recent tweet by a user called @adithi_mallesh is grabbing eyeballs as it screams of the pain and the frustration of being in this weather.

Not just a reminder of old days, classic ads but this tweet expresses all the right emotions bro. Summer sun is the sucker of happiness and all that is good and pure in this world.

No, this is exactly how the sun works!


Relatability points – 100/100

If you don’t vibe to “chubhati-jalati garmi ka mausam aya,” then we are not the same bro!