Sadly our society is filled with a bunch of people who forget to draw boundaries between humour and shitty opinions. This story serves as a stark reminder for some people who are blinded by their privilege and need to be called out for their unfunny jokes.

So, this journo named Kawaljit Singh Bedi took to Twitter, and shared an image of a guy and captioned it ‘Delhi beggar’. Now the problem here is- he thinks it’s funny to put a specially-abled person’s picture and make an extremely classist and casteist joke about it. 

The fact that this person is normalising the stereotype that homeless people have to look a certain way is so cringing. Is it too much to ask to use our brains and be sensible with the jokes we crack? Among the many crappy stereotypes we have accepted in our society- we need to add this to the list and retire it immediately. 

While many people ignored the fact that it’s problematic, and thought this person was Aditya Roy Kapoor or Hrithik Roshan. Some sensible audience schooled him for this garbage joke and bad taste in humour. Here have a look:

Don’t try your hands on humour if you have this to present. 

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