Two chemistry professors at Henderson State University in Arkansas, US have been arrested for making meth at school. 

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According to NDTV,  Terry David Bateman (45), and Bradley Allen Rowland (40) were arrested on Friday and now face charges of manufacturing methamphetamine.


According to Henderson State University spokeswoman Tina Hall, both professors have been on administrative leave since Oct. 11, three days after reports of an undetermined chemical odor at a university science center surfaced. 

Initial testing indicated an elevated presence of benzyl chloride, a chemical that can be used to synthesize meth, in a laboratory. 

-Tina Hall

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The building’s on-call environmental service company had closed the building for remediation work till the 29th of October, only after third-party testing had shown that it met all recommendations for occupancy.

The safety of our students, faculty, and staff is a top priority, and we continue to cooperate with authorities. 

-Tina Hall


One of the accused, Bateman, has been an associate professor at the university for about 10 years and served as the director of undergraduate research. Meanwhile, the other accused, Rowland has been with the college since 2014.