After witnessing two separate incidents of violence, where gunmen opened fire in Delhi’s Jamia Nagar and Shaheen Bagh, another incident happened last night.  

Two men, on a scooter, opened fire outside Gate No. 5 according to the Jamia Coordination Committee, reports NDTV

The suspects, one of them in red jacket, marked the third gun attack on the anti-CAA protesters despite security being beefed up after the first two attacks. 

Much to everyone’s delight, no injury was reported from the site. 

Meanwhile the police were made aware about the incident by the students, who told them that a shot was fired at the university gate, 2 km from Shaheen Bagh. 

An FIR was later registered by the police officials after they recorded statements of students and those people who witnessed the two suspects arriving and then firing at the gate. 

Despite senior officer Jagdish Yadav promising students of firm action, women students were seen protesting against the growing violence. 

Further details will be revealed after the CCTV footage from Gate No. 5 and 7 will be checked for evidence.