Remember the reverse prayer challenge? No? Well, we bet you do remember the A4 paper waist challenge, the one which demanded a tiny waist from women all over the world.

Sadly, time and again, people have popularised such pointless trends on the internet. Currently, two such bizarre body challenges are going viral on the internet and we can’t decide which one is more ridiculous.

The first one is the Underboob Challenge, which involves asking women to ‘prove’ that their breasts are firm and are of a nice size at the same time by tucking a pen or a similar object under it. 


Thousands of women (and men as well, I guess!) are posting pictures of the bottom of their boobs, trying to prove god-knows-what on social media as if there are no better places left to keep a pen. 

Daily Fail Center

The other one is the One Finger Selfie Challenge where people are taking selfies while simultaneously covering their nipples and genitals using only one finger.


And – wait for it – this weird concept originated from a Japanese illustration which shows a naked girl using one finger reflected in a mirror to cover both her breasts and private parts.

1 Finger Challenge | Twitter

I mean, what are they trying to do? Is there some kind of hidden organisation trying to collect all these ‘people’who can do illogical fads, one trend at a time? Who knows! The only good part about these weird body trends is that not everyone on social media takes them seriously and we are thankful that such creatures exist on earth.


Anyway, on the scale of one to how-nonsensical-things-can-get, how much would you rate the Underboob and the One Finger Selfie Challenge? Tell us in the comment section below.