Sometimes, in life we cross paths with complete strangers who fill our hearts with joy, love and also give us a glimmer of hope in humanity. This article is about one such person. 

Meet Abdul Qadeer, a cab driver who works for Uber India but, what makes him different from the rest are his efforts to spread peace, harmony and mutual respect. And, he does all of that using his job and his vehicle as a medium. 


His story came into the limelight after Twitter user Priyanka Samy shared her experience after booking a ride with him. Qadeer's cab may look like any other ordinary cab from the outside but, on the inside it's a whole different world. 

For starters, inside the cab, Qadeer has put up messages on peace and religious harmony in order to remind all of us to be kind to one another. Here's an example of a message inside his cab:

We respect people of every religion. We cannot identify any religion on the basis of clothes. Humble appeal: we should be polite to each other. We need to be inspired by what works well for society.  

That's not all though, he has also gone that extra mile to ensure comfort for his passengers. How so, you ask? Well, he has extra fans fitted in the back seat, has snacks and drinks stocked up and also keeps sanitizers and face masks as backup for anyone who needs it. Awesome!


Qadeer's efforts were not only appreciated by the Twitter user who posted his story, but also by other social media users who were highly impressed with his innovative idea. 

Soon, after his story went viral, the Uber India team responded by saying: 

Qadeer's story is giving us hope and it's good to see that people are trying to bring about a positive change around them. Truly inspiring and commendable.