Uber has announced the launch of ‘Pool Thursdays’ as a part of its #SwitchToPool campaign that will offer carpooling and ride-sharing as solutions to the growing menace of rising pollution levels and congestion in the city. 

For Uber users, the default option will be Uber POOL on the app that will allow only car pooling instead of individual booking during rush hour on Thursdays.

b’Source: YouTube/Screenshot’

Mr Prabhjeet Singh, General Manager Delhi & NCR, Uber India, says,” Congestion is more than just an annoyance; it’s a drain on our cities, our economies, our health, and our planet. Across India, traffic congestion leads to an estimated loss of Rs 60,000 crore per year, including fuel wastage. 

Currently, on an average we have just one person in a car at any given point, with the average asset utilization rate as low as 5%. This clearly indicates a strong need and opportunity to put ‘more people in fewer cars.”

Here’s a video: