Uber has started a petition t o spread awareness among people about the City Draft Scheme by the Government of Maharashtra . The new rules proposed by the Maharashtra government may force Uber to restrict its fleets and constrain their ability to set prices.

Uber has now started an online petition seeking support from users to tell their elected officials to adopt ‘progressive’ taxi laws.


We’ve received over 52,000 petitions already. And can’t thank the riders enough for their support. These petitions will be sent via mail to the Transport Dept. All 52,000 odd, of them,” the Company said in a statement.

Uber’s campaign has been prompted by the state government’s notification of the City Taxi Scheme, 2015 . The scheme would require taxi operators to maintain a minimum fleet of 1,000 and a maximum of 4,000 taxis. If enforced, such a cap will force Uber and its rival Ola to cut the number of drivers in Mumbai.


Cap on the number of vehicles to 4000 – in a growing city, one of the populous in the world, why are we restricting the number of options for transport for the people? Should’t we be giving the people MORE options? More importantly, what happens to the drivers who have just bought cars on loans and have attached them on aggregator platforms?? Where do they go? What do they do with their cars?” Uber added in a statement.

Both drivers and riders in Mumbai speak up against the government in this video.


If the scheme is implemented, it will render thousands of people jobless. Uber believes t hese rules actively discourage competition and consumer choice. If you also believe that, then you can sign the petition HERE .