Uddhav Thackeray has made it clear that Shiv Sena will not break alliance with the Bharatiya Janta Party, nevertheless they (Sena) will slam the BJP for rising inflation and other issues they fail to bring under control, according to a report in the Hindustan Times .

In the party’s annual Dusshera rally at Shivaji Park in Mumbai, Thackeray pointed out the government’s failure in maintaining proper law and order during the Dadri lynching as well as the Faridkot incident where two Dalit children were burnt to death .

“These incidents like Dadri lynching bring shame to the country not the ink attack by Shiv Sainiks on Sudheendra Kulkarni . In Haryana, there is BJP rule, so how did this incident take place where a Dalit family was attacked and two children were burnt alive? And, after such an incident, one of our BJP ministers makes a statement that equates Dalits with dogs. Instead of searching for beef eaters in every house, Why don’t you go ahead and declare India a Hindu Rashtra, we will support you. Why don’t you implement the Uniform Civil Code? ” said Thackeray.

He mentioned that these little incidents act like the spark which eventually leads to a forest fire. He asked the BJP to stop debating about cow slaughter and instead to focus on price rises of pulses and onions.

He also mocked they BJP on the issue of Ram temple in Ayodhya, “Some say they will build a temple in Ayodhya but won’t tell you when,” he said, as reported by NDTV .

“We are not able to face the people because of this inflation. They (BJP) must remember that governments have fallen because of price rise. Any more price rise, the government can be in danger,” he said.

Thackeray’s speech came when the Sena’s too have been on the news for their hooliganism – from the ink attack on Kulkarni to disrupting meetings of BCCI at Wankhede, the BJP too didn’t miss their chance to criticise the party.

In spite of these attacks, Thackeray mentioned that by breaking alliance with the Fadnavis government one would only break a good working marriage as citizens had voted them to power with certain expectations.