America gets all the UFOs and aliens. Even all the baddies always fight it out only in the US of A. So, following tradition, this highly debatable unidentified flying object was also spotted in the greatlands of US. The massive inverted 'teardrop' spotted in the sky at the Miami Airport creeped the hell out of the people. One resident, MarEugenia Pereira Quidiello, uploaded a Facebook video taken by her daughter at 5 am. Watch and freak out:

UFO ! Today at 5 AM Miami Airport, Florida my daughter took it!!

Posted by MarEugenia Pereira Quidiello on Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Sorry to burst your bubble, all ye conspiracy theorists, but it turns out the UFO was nothing but a rocket launch.

Apparently, the US Navy had launched its Mobile User Objective System (MUOS)-4 spacecraft at Cape Canaveral in Florida around the same time.

The elongated teardrop shape that Miami residents saw was the combination of the pre-dawn light and atmospheric conditions that the rocket's plume formed while climbing into space. The upward travel of the rocket, in some videos, seems like the spacecraft is moving horizontally across the sky. But it is just an illusion since the rocket was really travelling into the distance, reported Yibada .

Get it? Still no confirmed signs of UFO sightings. Dayum!