A 24-year-old Ugandan woman was allegedly stabbed to death by a man in her Bengaluru home on Thursday. The man, who had come to Bengaluru seeking a job, has been arrested.

Police officials said the two got into argument over how much he would pay her for sex and the woman threatened the accused, Ishaan Sood, with a knife. Sood, however, snatched the knife from her and stabbed her to death. 

On hearing the commotion, neighbours alerted the police. Ishaan Sood, a 30-year-old M.Tech graduate from Himachal Pradesh, was trapped in the woman’s house by her neighbours and was arrested.

b’A representational image | Source: PTI’

According to a report by Indian Express, a graphic video of the murder scene was recorded by the woman’s neighbours, many of whom are from African nations. It showed the assailant sitting on a sofa in a semi-conscious state while the victim lay dead on the floor. 

The report said that the woman had come to study in India four years ago and had met Sood a few hours before the incident. 

Some of the woman’s neighbours allegedly tried to attack the police, following which additional forces were called in, police said. One person was taken into custody for allegedly misbehaving and trying to attack police personnel, they added.

Karnataka home minister G Parameshwara told the Hindustan Times that the incident wasn’t a racial attack and was an ‘accident’. 

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