If there's a dream company we'd want to work with, it is this firm in the UK that has switched to a four-day working week.

Source: Giphy

Yes, you heard it right. Employees at Portcullis Legals, a law firm in Britain have to work just four days a week. Well, wait, there's more to it.

Source: Portcullis Legals

The company recently also gave a raise to all its employees to prove that it's not a cost-cutting exercise. The bosses also claimed that the staff are happier than ever.

Talking to Daily Mail, Managing Director of the firm, Trevor Worth said:

"The initial results have been heartening - our team is happier and our customers are receiving a better service."

He added:

"The response has been extraordinary and there's a real passion to help other firms achieve a happier working week for their staff."
Source: Giphy

Studies also suggest that working four days a week makes the workforce happier and more productive.

Who wouldn't be happy with this kind of job? I'd rather start dancing with joy.

Source: Giphy

Boss, are you listening?