Ups and downs are a part of any relationship, romantic or otherwise. But how far would you go to test your relationship?

Well, what one couple did was chain themselves together, literally. ‘Surprisingly’, it did not lead to a happy ending. 

In February 2021, Alexander Kudlay and Viktoria Pustovitova, from Kharkiv, Ukraine, took an extreme step in their relationship. The two decided to get chained together for three months, apparently as a show of love. 

Reportedly, they got used to the physical discomfort with every passing day, and from bathroom breaks to grocery shopping, did everything together. 

But it looks like something else came in the way. 

Because after spending 123 days i.e. a little over 4 months together, the two decided to part ways. But not before breaking the world record for the most time spent chained together as a couple.

Jaha pyaar nahi, vaha ‘chain’ nahi!