In case you didn’t already know this, Modi government’s is working on the development of an new all-purpose mobile application. The app will reduce red tape and increase conveniences by rounding up a host of services provided by the central, state and local administrations onto one platform. 

Here is all you need to know about the new mobile application that claims to push governance toward a progressive direction.

The application has been christened UMANG.

UMANG – the Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance – is a mobile application being developed under the supervision of the union ministry of communications and information technology’s national e-governance division (NeGD). The app plans on compiling together over 200 different administrative services onto one platform.

The services would include everything from applying for a passport, filing income-tax returns and paying various bills.

National Scholarship, Healthcare Applications, Passport Seva, Women Safety (Nirbhaya), E-Post, Crime and Criminal Tracking, Network and Systems, Commercial Tax/GST, Income Tax, CBSE/State Education Boards, E-Municipality, IRCTC, and Utility Bills are just some of the various services that will be included onto this one platform. Beginning at about 50 services, the government will gradually step it up to over 200 over the next 3 years.

Personal details and preferences can be saved onto the app to make the services more convenient.

Personal information and the data required to access different services can be saved onto the app to make it convenient to use the services without having to enter details every time. Certain key identification documents like Aadhar Card, PayGov and DigiLocker will also be included within this platform.

For those who do not have a smartphone, there will be a single toll free number that will provide all the services.

Of course, anyone with a smartphone would be able to access the app, but it is also proposed to provide a toll free sms service which will help the users access all of the services. Apart from this, the app and services will be available in 13 different languages other than English.

Although the app is barely in its development stages, the government is eyeing at rolling it out within the year.

For now there seems to very little progress with the project that has been in planning for over eight months. But while the government is still looking for a private agency to work together on the project, the estimated, or hopeful, deadline for the app’s release seems to be within the year.

Whatever the case may be, this app definitely seems to be a more convenient platform for all the services it provides.

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