Bollywood celebrity Aamir Khan is facing a legal notice issued by Chandigarh High Court due to a lawyer’s claim that he ‘promoted homosexuality’ on the sets of Satyamev Jayate.

Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code is a law that criminalises any ‘unnatural’ sexual act. ‘Natural’ being, that which ultimately results in progeny. A law that was put in place in the year 1860, 377 has been touted as rather controversial and limiting.

In Episode 3 of the latest season of the show, Aamir Khan hosted people who have explored ‘alternative sexualities’ and therefore are haunted by the grey area this law puts them in.

We take a quick look at their testimonials to help those offended understand why talking about the matter is necessary.

Gazal from Patiala: Changed sex from boy to girl

Now, a filmmaker, Gazal wasn’t always a confident individual. She was born a boy and after a successful sex-change op, she is now a happy independent person.

We all understand the pain of being trapped in a space you cannot escape. Or imprisonment won’t be a punishment. Now imagine being trapped inside your own body. That’s the message Gazal leaves you with.

Deepak from Ajmer: Gay and out

Deepak realised he was gay early. After two years of the silent treatment from his father, Deepak decided he’s going to change their mind.

Being accepted is a human need, he says. But if you can’t accept your own self, how would others?

Divya from Kolkata: Gay and divorced her ex-husband

Divya’s husband was her best friend, and still is. He ex-in laws consider her their daughter. She’s happy with her new partner.

What we gathered from Divya’s story was that getting married to someone of the opposite sex doesn’t ‘fix’ homosexuality. It only makes things worse.

Simran from Mumbai: Ran away from home and joined the Hijra community after her family rejected her

Simran had to invent parents, certificates, her entire identity to just be able to go for higher studies. College and dance bar, side by side.

As she says, the most beautiful thing that God made was the human. If we can’t accept the human in all its forms, then we are disrespecting God.

Yes, homosexuality isn’t accepted in Indian society. Not yet at least.

But why is it so hard for us to stop and listen, for just a minute? Maybe if we do, we might help another human live a happy life.

That can’t be too bad, right?