The coronavirus pandemic like any other travesty of this magnitude came with a truckload of problems. Here, we discuss the one that often goes unmentioned: Living with your abuser. 

With schools, colleges, and offices shut down to prevent the virus from spreading, people were forced to be inside their houses. 


And while it is a luxury to have a roof over your head during such troubling times, one cannot undermine the seriousness of domestic violence, which in worst cases, may even lead to death. 

To help people, most of whom happen to be women, The Women’s Funding Network (an umbrella organisation for funds and foundations working in the field of women’s empowerment) came up with a hand gesture under the #SignalForHelp campaign. 

That’s correct, a simple, subtle gesture that threatened people can make to get the attention of those on the other side of the video call.

This makes it easier for them to communicate that they are in danger, without saying anything and making it look like they are having a casual conversation.

Let’s look at what the gesture actually is:

Step 1: You put your palm in front of the camera. 

Step 2: Tuck your thumb inside.

Step 3: Fold your fingers and make a fist. 

This will tell the other person that you are in danger and they can then ask for help on your behalf.

This simple but effective technique is really important considering how tough it can be to speak up in a toxic/threatening environment.