There are card games, then there’s UNO – the game that’ll always split our loyalties, pitching us against our siblings, cousins, and all our loved ones. But, what if we tell you that you’ve been playing it wrong, all your life? 


According to the folks over at UNO HQ, you can’t stack +4 or +2 cards. 

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Just to put things into perspective, if you’ve probably played the game with an eye to win it, only a +4 drawn out by the opponent can actually flush out your chances of securing a win. But if you are luckier, you’ll help yourself with a +2 card and force the other person to draw six. That’s fair right? Wrong. That’s not how it should be played, as per UNO


Stacking a +2 over a +4 is definitely not allowed as per UNO’s official body, meaning you’ve been wrong about this one your entire life. The official Twitter account claimed the same, tweeting – 

Of course, the internet being the internet had a bunch of bizarre reactions to UNO’s new announcement, with some even claiming that the company is incorrect about the rules. Whaaa? You mean they are wrong about their own game? 

This guy certainly ain’t playing the ‘UNO’ way! 

Now that you know, shall we UNO?