Disclaimer: Some information and pictures in the article can be distressing. Reader

discretion advised.

India reported 3.3 lakh cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours. It also reported more than 2 thousand deaths.

But we all know that there is an actual possibility that the numbers are much higher than the reported figure.

Times of India

The question here is, what’s causing so many deaths this time around? It’s a 2-part answer.

A. The mutated version of the virus is much more deadly.

B. There is no oxygen. 

Two find out more about the latter, Shahbaz Ansar from Unscripted News went to many hospitals in the city and his findings are grim to say the least.

First of all, the cities are running out of oxygen because there is no production. So, it pretty much depends on your luck whether you get a cylinder or not.

Those who are not lucky, are dying without it. Mind you, these are people who could have been saved, had the system not failed them so badly.

A person in the video informs Shahbaz that doctors are working 24 hours a day, they are not sleeping for minute, but they can’t do anything if the country lacks the resources. 

Doctors ek pipe se 6 logon ko oxygen de rahe hain, ki sabka thoda thoda kaam chalta rahe…Mere saamne 7-8 mautein toh bina oxygen ke hui hain.

In totality, there are no beds, so hundreds of people lie outside hospitals waiting for their turn. Some of them die before it can come.

While others find a bed but still can’t make it because of the lack of resources. 

The situation is so bad, that the word disastrous also doesn’t do justice to it. There are people out there trying their best to help others but even they can do so much. So please stay at home, stay safe. You can watch the complete video here: