Onion price hikes have been in the news since a few weeks and one couple might have taken this price hike to another level. 

Instead of flower garlands, a couple in Varanasi exchanged garlands made of onions and garlic at their wedding. This was done to make a statement against the high prices of onions. 

According to reports, the guests at the wedding also gifted the couple baskets of onions. 

Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Kamal Patel mentioned, 

Prices of onions are touching the sky from last one month so now people have started considering onion as precious as gold. In this wedding, the bride and groom used the garland of onions and garlic. The prices of onion have risen to Rs 120 per kg. 

Another Samajwadi Party leader, Satya Prakash added, 

The bride and groom have tried to convey a message by opposing the skyrocketing prices of onions and other food commodities. Samajwadi Party has carried out several protests against such issues. This is a historic event for the couple.