A lady constable went out of her way to help an elderly woman, who had not eaten in several days. Her noble act of going beyond her duty is being lauded by people, including the Director General of Police.

According to Indian Express, Constable Manvi- posted in Dhanghata area of Sant Kabir Nagar district in UP- was visiting a bank for her personal work, when she spotted an old lady standing in the scorching heat.


The old lady had not eaten in days. When Manvi got to know that, she decided to help her instead of turning a blind eye.

Her kind gesture has been commended by the Director General of Police, OP Singh in an appreciation letter.

Her heart-warming gesture that displays ‘highest human virtues of kindness along with her duty’ is acknowledged in the letter.

The letter, posted on Twitter, is brimming with comments lauding Manvi’s compassion.

This is such a heartwarming gesture and a well-deserved acknowledgement.