In a video that has emerged from UP’s Meerut, policemen can be seen overturning vegetable carts in a a colony apparently close to a COVID-19 hotspot. 

The video shows a group of policemen walking into a narrow lane. At one point they notice a couple of vegetable carts and immediately overturn them. 

The owners of the carts could not be seen in the video.

Speaking to NDTV on the matter, senior police officer Dr Akhilesh Narayan Singh assured that required action will be taken after knowing the true story.

This is from an area close to a COVID-19 hotspot. I have asked a senior police officer in the area to carry out a formal inquiry. Many aspects to this video have emerged and I have asked that all these be taken into consideration in the probe.

Truly, wastage of food at time when millions are struggling for a single meal is just brutal and something that should be inspected.

Meerut is one of the worst affected cities in Uttar Pradesh, with 242 cases of coronavirus.