In today’s bizarre news, a family from Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj reportedly mistook cannabis leaves for methi and unknowingly ended up making a ‘ganja sabzi’ out of it. 

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Now I know most of the stoners stuck in their homes are quite envious of this family but the truth is, this was a scary incident. Every family member who consumed that sabzi was hospitalised as the entire family fainted.

A local vegetable vendor, Naval Kishore as a prank gave a packet full of weed to a villager’s son, Nitesh. Naval also claimed that it was methi and unfortunately Nitesh didn’t realise. 


Nitesh went home and gave the packet of weed to his sister-in-law as he requested her to make a sabzi out of it. According to reports, the family of six, unknowingly consumed the ‘ganja sabzi’.   

Whisk Affair

Minutes after they were done eating their food, the family started feeling uncomfortable and requested their neighbours to call a doctor. While their neighbours were getting help, the entire family fainted. 


The neighbours instantly informed the police after which the family was hospitalized. The police cracked the mystery after they found a kadai with the leftover ‘ganja sabzi‘ lying next to an uncooked bag of weed. 


The cooked marijuana sabzi and raw leaves were instantly seized and the police went on to investigate the vegetable vendor for his irresponsible prank. 

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The police has detained the vegetable vendor for putting so many lives in harm’s way with an irresponsible ‘joke’. Authorities further confirmed that a case will be registered after a formal complaint is filed. 


The family is currently recovering from the aftermath and is under medical supervision. These kind of pranks involving the use of intoxicants are not ‘harmless’, we encourage people to be more responsible.