If you are trying to do big things in life, you need to follow the unconventional and be persistent in your efforts. 

Like this 18-year-old boy, Anurag Tiwari, from a UP village who recently scored 98.2% in class 12 board exams and made his dream of studying abroad come true.


The journey of a farmer’s son from a small village to one of the prestigious Ivy League universities has been an inspirational one.

When he was in class 6, he moved to a residential school in Sitapur because of his family’s weak financial condition. Reluctant to send their son to city for schooling, his parents believed that he might not return to farming. 


Finally, it was his 3 sisters who convinced his parents and his life changed thereafter. Anurag, who could speak basic English in village, now speaks the language fluently.

He chose to study Humanities after class 10 against the conventional practice of choosing Science and Commerce.

Financial Express

Talking to media about his wish to study abroad, Anurag said:

Eventually my teachers and counsellors in Delhi advised I could try for Ivy League colleges if I wished to pursue Liberal Arts. There are various good colleges in our country but even those abroad can be good based on my preference for studies. Thus, I applied to Cornell University and took the SAT.

The brilliant boy scored 1370 marks in SAT and was invited by Cornell University. His final admission depended on the board exam results that have been excellent. Anurag scored 95 marks in Mathematics, 97 in English, 99 in Political Science, and a full 100 both in History and Economics.


Eventually planning to get into Data Analysis, Anurag wants to study Economics as his major subject and Mathematics as a minor. 

Connected to his roots and family in India, he doesn’t want to settle in the US.

But after completing my education and gaining some work experience, I would certainly want to return to India to work here and also contribute in the education sector.

We wish him good luck for his career.