The Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh has decided to release an army of 500 turtles into the Ganga river, in an attempt to clean it organically. 

Indian Express

As per a Times of India report, the turtles are currently kept at the Kachchua Wildlife Sanctuary in Varanasi, after being rescued from poachers.

Around 630 of them were found by the Railway Police inside bathrooms and underneath the berths of trains. 


As some of the turtles are unfit, around 500 will be released into the river when the weather becomes slightly warmer. 

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The carnivorous turtles feed on half burnt dead bodies and carcasses, hence reducing pollution in the river. 

English Online

Turtles are being released into the river as a part of cleaning process since 1980. 

While it’s a good step on part of the government, it seems highly unlikely that it will make any consequential difference to the insane pollution levels.