Days after the BJP swept the Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh, the official Twitter handle of the UP Government shows all past tweets made by the Samajwadi Party deleted from its timeline. 

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The sudden disappearance of all tweets from the handle came as a surprise to the many followers of the @UPGovt handle.  

In fact, tweets were also removed from the UP News 360 handle, an initiative by UP government’s Department of Information and Public Relations. 

However, the Chief Minister’s official handle @CMOfficeUP sent out a tweet saying it has not been deleting but in fact archiving the tweets. 

Needless to say, the many followers of SP on Twitter were not in favour of the development: 

However, many expressed that they were looking forward to the new government: 

The results of the elections were announced on March 11 when the incumbent Samajwadi Party was routed by BJP which polled 312 seats in the state. 

Feature Image Source: Reuters