Uttar Pradesh Police has arrested a man from Korihar village in Raebareli district, for allegedly beating his wife to death on the 3rd of June. 


According to The Quint, the man has been identified as Dharamraj. He was allegedly inebriated when he beat his wife Sangeeta to death in front of their 6-year-old son. 

A video of the incident which has gone viral on social media shows that other villagers were witness to the incident.


Speaking to reporters about the incident, a group of villagers said: 

He is an alcoholic, and he started beating her on Tuesday evening. She was asking for help but Dharamraj’s parents did not do anything. In the morning we heard that she passed away. 

Meanwhile, Nityanand Rai from the Raebareli Police department also said: 

We received the news of a woman’s murder in Korihar village. When we went and investigated, we learnt that there is a video from the previous evening of her husband beating her. We have taken note of that. Her body has been sent for post-morterm and the husband has been arrested. 

Hopefully, justice will be served.