Violation of lockdown norms are apparently strictly dealt with in India because Kanpur Police recently arrested a goat that was roaming without wearing a mask.

Telangana Today

The incident happened in Beconganj area of Kanpur where the police was seen picking up the goat and taking it to the police station in a jeep.

After finding out about the arrest of the goat, its owner reportedly rushed to the police station and got it released.


One of the police officers who took the goat admitted that they found a lockdown violation because the goat was without a mask. He also said:

People are now making their dogs wear a mask so why not a goat?

Netizens also cracked jokes after the news went viral.

However, after being made fun on social media, the police apparently changed their statement. Speaking to media, Circle Officer of Anwarganj police station, said:

The police had found a youth without a mask, taking the goat along. On seeing the police, he ran away leaving the goat behind so the policemen brought the goat to the police station.

Thanks to Indians, the definition of ‘bizarre’ keeps changing every day.