Vikas Dubey is no more, he perished in an encounter while trying to allegedly give cops the slip while they were ferrying him somewhere after an accident occurred. Despite his death though. questions still lingered abut what exactly went down, especially considering many people had predicted that he would be ‘dealt with’, so to speak. Now, the Special Task Force has given its version of what happened, and they’re literally blaming cows.

They claim the car flipped over after the driver, who was apparently very tired after a long journey, swerved to avoid a herd of cattle that appeared in front of them. The road was apparently also wet. 

Dubey was being taken to his hometown Kanpur when the incident occurred, the UP Special Task Force (STF) said. According to NDTV, 5 policemen are said to have been seriously injured in the accident.


They claim Dubey then grabbed a 9 mm gun and ran for it. The cops tried closing in on him to capture him alive, but he fired indiscriminately and they were forced to shoot him.

The police team had no choice but to fire back in self-defence. Dubey was injured and fell. After first-aid, the police took him to a government hospital where he was declared dead by doctors.

However, there are still many unanswered questions, that have not been clarified.

The Print

The media, which had been following the police convoy overnight, was stopped 2 km from the site where this happened. He was also not handcuffed despite being a known violent criminal. He was able to grab a gun.

Further updates, if any, to the story are awaited.