In order to discipline those who refuse to wear a mask in public, the Firozabad district administration in UP has come up with a unique plan. 

Any person who is seen not wearing a mask, will be made to write – ‘mask lagaana hai (a mask has to be worn)’  500 times.

Rediff / PTI

This is being called the mask ki class and will have a police official, an official of the district administration and a doctor present. A decision taken out of necessity, the administration hopes to encourage people to take necessary precautions. Hats off to the creativity. 

In this class, lessons will be imparted to those people who are found moving out without a mask. These people will not face any police action but will be made to sit in the class for 3-4 hours. 

-Sachindra Patel, Senior Superintendent of Police

New Indian Express / PTI

The violators will also be shown videos telling them about the benefits of wearing a mask in public and the risk involved in avoiding it. This interesting way of enforcing wearing masks will hopefully make a difference, making it clear why it is necessary to take precautions during the pandemic.