A woman in Uttar Pradesh went ahead and filed for a divorce in the Sharia court against her husband only because he was not fighting with her and was being too kind to her. 

The woman went to the Sharia court after being married to her husband for 18 months. As per sources, the wife was tired of her husband showing her so much love. 

She even claimed that they rarely ever had any fallouts. The woman added that he helped her with housework and even cooked for her.

Whenever I make a mistake, he always forgives me for that. I wanted to argue with him. 
Deccan Chronicle

The court has dismissed the wife’s plea as they thought it to be impractical. Post that, she sought help from the local panchayat. But even they couldn’t resolve the situation.

Muslim Village

The couple has been asked by the legal bodies to solve the problem between themselves. This is after the husband asked to withdraw the case stating that he only wants to see his wife happy.