In what could come as a direct hit to many Indian nationals, US President Donald Trump has decided to suspend the H-1B,  H-2B, and some categories of  H-4, J, and L visas till the end of this year.  

Trump said that the step was taken to help domestic professionals in a time of crisis induced by the pandemic. The decision has been met with a lot of criticism.

H1-B visa is the most popular among Indian IT companies. The US rolls out 85,000 of these visas each year for highly skilled foreign professionals.

Meanwhile L1 visas allow companies to transfer employees for the time span of 7 years.

Donald Trump, who has never been a big fan of H1 B visas, has wanted to bring reforms for a long time now.

The suspension of visas till the end of the year means that people who don’t have a valid non-immigrant visa will not be allowed to enter the US until December 31, if they are not in the country right now.

However, those already in the US with their families are safe.