According to a study, a single mature tree can absorb 48lbs. of carbon a year, and makes enough clean oxygen for 4 people to breathe fresh air.

Planting trees is paving a way forward for our future generations to thrive and live comfortably. 

Power of Positivity

More than 1 million people with the very same belief, planted 220 million trees in Uttar Pradesh on Friday August 9, reports The Washington Post

This was part of a government-led campaign to tackle climate change and improve the conditions in the country’s most populous state. 

Washington Post

To match the huge scale of the campaign students, railway officials, forest officials, lawmakers and people from other professions joined the movement in huge numbers. 

Such was the effect that the target of planting 220 million trees was achieved by 5 PM in the evening.

Planting was carried out in 1,430,381 places that included 60,000 villages and 83,000 sites in forest ranges. 


Apart from planting saplings, 16 fruit species will benefit the land of Uttar Pradesh and will increase forest cover in the state. 

India had also pledged to keep one-third of its land area under tree cover but rapid industrialization and population growth is making it difficult for the same to happen.

Speaking to media, State government spokesman Awanish Awasthi said: 

The whole process is online. The pits are geo-tagged and the saplings carry a QR code. So we can record how many saplings are planted and where.
Hindustan Times

After 2016, when 50 million saplings were planted in Uttar Pradesh, this is the second biggest tree planting campaign undertaken in the state.