Several famous personalities have slowly been joining the sea of protests against the CAA and NRC. The most recent of them is screenwriter and lyricist Varun Grover, who added his own unique touch to the resistance. 

Grover posted a video of a poem he penned denouncing the bill and celebrating the people protesting despite the brutal crackdown. The poem is titled, ‘hum kaagaz nahin dikhaayenge‘.

He says that dictatorships will come and go, but we must refuse to show our papers. 

He then adds that the authorities can do everything from using tear gas to batons, but we still won’t show our papers. The refrain hum kaagaz nahin dikhaayenge carries throughout, as he talks about saving the Constitution.

In the midst of all the violence and the horrifying daily reports, it’s encouraging to have these kind of anthems to support a movement.