What do you do when you receive the wrong food delivery? You contact the food delivery service or the restaurant and get new food delivered or ask for refund.

Deepali Tyagi, a vegetarian woman from Ghaziabad, chose to do none of these. She approached the consumer court seeking a compensation of ₹1 crore from a pizza chain for delivering her a non-vegetarian pizza.


Her petition says that she is a pure vegetarian because of her “religious beliefs, teachings, family traditions, own conscience, and her best choice”.

The matter isn’t even recent. Back in March 2019 she ordered a vegetarian pizza for her family. Apparently, the pizza wasn’t delivered within the 30-minute time frame promised by the outlet. When Deepali took a bite, she noticed that there were pieces of meat instead of mushroom on the pizza.


Following her complaint, the district manager of the pizza outlet offered free pizza to her entire family at the outlet. The problem began when Deepali denied the offer because according to her the company had spoiled her religious practices and gave her a permanent mental agony. She believed that she would have to go through several long and expensive rituals which will cost her lakhs of rupees.

The matter was then handed over to the legal team of the pizza chain. Deepali’s petition to the consumer court reads:

That the opposite party’s negligent manner of performance has contaminated complainant body with food mixed with animal meat that was acquired by killing and cutting short the life given by God to any animal. In her religious belief killing any animal and eating its meat is a “paap” (sin). The opposite party has a deceitfully involved complainant in that sin of eating animal meat. They have wounded her soul giving her mental agony for her whole life. They have ravaged her religious belief.

People are obviously talking about the entire incident on Twitter. 

The woman is now seeking a compensation of ₹1 crore for mental harrassment and financial hardships caused due to the delivery of non-vegetarian pizza. The matter is currently being heard by a Delhi District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.