Yesterday (14th April), journalist Barkha Dutt did a ground report, in Mumbai, on migrant workers who were boarding trains to leave the city. 

But, what caught everyone’s attention was her workspace which was quite different from what we imagine a ‘studio’ or an ‘office’ to be. 

Her makeshift office comprised of two Dalda boxes (one to sit on and one to keep the laptop on) and a cardboard sheet that she had set up outside a ticket counter. 

People on social media were quite impressed with her ‘jugaad’ and her dedication towards her work. 

Today (15th April), she tweeted about her dad testing positive in Delhi. But, despite that, she is trying to keep calm and continue with her work. 

Hats off to her dedication. 

Veteran journalist left NDTV in 2017 to start her own media venture. And, she has been on the ground, both literally and figuratively reporting ever since the pandemic erupted.